Corporate Innovation Labs

An innovative approach to solving complex corporate challenges

Corporate Innovation Labs are a new model for industry-university collaboration. The concept is unique not only in theory and design, but also in approach and operation. Corporate Innovation Labs provide a custom approach to identifying, addressing and solving complex business issues. Mobilized by ASU’s innovation and cross-disciplinary strategies, each lab is driven to solve the specialized needs of the corporate sponsor.

Corporate Innovation Labs are outcomes-based and highly effective, both for students and corporates. Read about our latest success story. 

The future of workforce development

By focusing on solutions for actual business needs, students apply their classroom learning immediately to respective future industries while demonstrating their skills and strengths to potential future employers. Corporate Innovation Labs transform the way students learn and grow their own toolkit for success outside the classroom.

The ability of the team to work as a true agile partner and not as a hired consulting team.  In particular, the ability of the ASU team to pivot technically and work with our internal team when we needed to shift technical direction has been extremely important to us.  With the nature of the work we are doing, it is impossible to completely spec out the body of work prior to the project start, so providing a framework for a true agile work environment was extremely helpful to us.”

Jeff Trom

How to establish a Corporate Innovation Lab

ASU designs solutions-focused, interdisciplinary partnership opportunities for new and existing industry partners of all sizes. When you connect with ASU’s Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships team, we will work with your company to explore ideas and identify desired outcomes. ASU will mobilize the best-aligned students, with oversight and support from key faculty members or project managers, to begin work on your most pressing industry needs.

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Corporate Innovation Labs offer unique collaboration opportunities for both ASU and industry partners, as well as testbeds in which to rapidly advance prototype and product development. We invite our industry partners to explore establishing a Corporate Innovation Lab of their own, as they offer an unparalleled environment in which to exchange ideas, talent and experiences beneficial to both parties.”

Grace O’Sullivan
Vice President
Corporate Engagement & Strategic Partnerships
Knowledge Enterprise
Arizona State University

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