adidas-ASU Center for Engagement Science

Providing key consumer insights at the intersection 
of data and human behavior

adidas-ASU Center for Engagement Science

As the ability to analyze human activity data advances, understanding what motivates human behavior is emerging as one of the most revolutionary fields in clinical research today. The adidas-ASU Center for Engagement Science is a hotbed for discovery, where industry and academia join forces to create a systematic approach to understanding the cognitive, emotional and environmental processes that drive individuals toward engagement with products, experiences and stories.

Co-located at ASU, we turbocharged our access to the vast talent pool within the nation’s most innovative university, from its best and brightest students to faculty and researchers on the cutting-edge of scientific discovery. By combining the resources of one of the most innovative brands in the world (adidas) with one of the most dynamic and innovative universities (ASU) we offer a unique perspective and contribute to the foundation of one of the most relevant topics of modern economy: engagement science. 

Our Focus

We develop and deploy advanced multidisciplinary research models grounded in lab and field work to quantify and deeply understand the “whys” behind human behavior. In particular, we have recently started focusing on creating a completely new approach to the quantification, modeling and real-world application of human perception in respect of design, storytelling and in general the interaction with the physical, social and economic environment.

The center is breaking new ground by co-developing novel investigative methods and applications in order to solve a vast array or real-world problems in the space of human-human and human-environment interaction. As part of this process, we are inviting other partners to join our efforts in order to create a multi-institutional, trans-disciplinary, user inspired knowledge ecosystem that is a prerequisite for today’s applied research. With this approach, we position ourselves as a hub for much-needed, cross-industry idea exchange that spans well beyond academia. ” 

Dr. Aurel Coza
Center Director

Our mission

Our mission is threefold:

To advance the fundamental knowledge of applied computational behavioral science

To create and deploy tools, methodologies and generalized mathematical models for quantitative evaluation of perception

To provide businesses access to ASU’s powerhouse of knowledge to solve R&D and real-world applications challenges


Today, advanced technological platforms and web-based tools allow businesses to collect more data than ever before. Yet the challenge of understanding and making practical use of this data still remains. We’re here to help you avoid getting lost in a statistical paralysis by analysis and to deeply understand people, who are infinitely complex, and the choices they make.” 

Grace O’Sullivan
Associate Vice President

Our services

We empower you to gain insight into human behavior and perception through a variety 
of consulting services and tools:

·   Lab-based, on-site or remote interactive behavior assessment and experience  
     optimization tools and methodologies.

·    End to end data aggregation and analytics platform architecture

·    Product, experience and narrative perceptual and emotional response quantification

·    Physiological, neural, psychological, gesture and human kinematics data analysis

·    Sport and human activity performance and attitudes

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Meet the Team

Dr. Simone Toma, Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Simone Toma
Postdoctoral Researcher

Simone Toma received a M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience and from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan and a PhD in Robotics and Cognitive Sciences at the Italian Institute of Technology. He worked on multidisciplinary projects investigating multisensory integration, upper limb motor control and  haptic perception. His current research interests include the investigation of the motor correlates of active perception and also investigating new metrics to quantify user experience. 

Brooke Baldwin, Masters Student Brooke Baldwin
Graduate Student

Brooke Baldwin has received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Systems Engineering here at ASU. Over the years she worked in a variety of research labs focusing primarily on human behavior quantification using a wide variety of sensors and methodologies. Her current research sits at the intersection of human behavior and sustainability. Once graduated she aspires to work in the industry in the area of user experience, sustainability and human factors research. 

Daniel Gaitan-Jenkins, Masters Student Daniel Gaitan-Jenkins
Graduate Student

Daniel Gaitan-Jenkins is a Biomedical Engineer Masters student at Arizona State University (ASU) passionate and driven to learn and collaborate in a team environment. A strong background in biomechanics, human subject research and data analytics. Deep interest in restoration and augmentation of human performance through the convergence of human biology and mechanical engineering. Currently assisting ASU Athletics develop routine performance monitoring across all collegiate sports and working with the Milwaukee Brewers to integrate performance data driven decision making.

Toni Reynolds, Undergrad Student Toni Reynolds
Undergraduate Student

Toni Reynolds is studying Kinesiology at ASU, and she is set to graduate in Spring of 2021. She aspires to attend medical school after graduation. Her main research interest is related to Sports Science, specifically looking at how to use her scientific knowledge to improve athletic performance and wellbeing.

Aditya Bajaj, Masters Student Aditya Bajaj
Graduate Student

Aditya Bajaj is a Software Engineering Masters student at Arizona State University (ASU). He is passionate about developing mobile & web applications, & has experience developing scalable applications for various organizations. He is committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and is always looking for opportunities to learn new ones. His current work is centered around developing rapid app and analytics packages prototypes for the in-vivo quantification of human interaction with the physical and social environment.

Ziad Abdelkarim, Undergrad Student Ziad Abdelkarim
Undergraduate Student

Ziad Abdelkarim is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Ira Fulton School of Engineering. He is interested in applying his computers science knowledge to various practical applications ranging from sports performance data to human behavior quantification. His current research is focuses on computational models, data analysis, and the quantification of emotional reactions to stimuli.

Dr. Aurel Coza,  Center Director Dr. Aurel Coza
Center Director

Dr. Coza has a Masters in Theoretical Physics and has earned a PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Calgary in 2011. He has joined ASU as the Director of adidas-ASU Center for Engagement Science in 2019 after an eight-year tenure with Adidas in Portland, OR. At Adidas he held multiple research and development roles focused on product and experience development. His research interest ranges from biological complex systems modeling to biosensors and applied computational behavioral science. His conceptual work has been at the core of a half dozen commercial products and experiences and was also granted a number of US and International patents.



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